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We are Maldon Events.                                                             

We have been running great Antique Fairs since 2009, and some of the best Swap Meets, in regional Victoria We advertise all our events to the the point of actually being a nuisance, and for that reason, we get great results, and great turn outs to all our events. 

During Covid, we still ran events if it was at all possible.

We have a pretty enviable "social media" following on, 

Face Bookand Instagram, (see links below)

And, Well, you seem to have have found our web site, after all.

With us, your site fees also covers your insurance

We do not stop for rain we run our events in all weathers, rain, hail or shine. If you have any more questions please, contact me,


Mark Blythe, by TEXT, on

0414 244 842                                                     

For a prompt response.


Everything you really need to know is right here. 

Find out when the next exciting Swap Meet, or Antique Fair is being held, by Maldon Events. Professional and supportive Event Organisers,

selling made simple, and fun.

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This is where it all began in 2009, and we have not missed a year even through Covid we simply adjusted to circumstances and kept on going. This will be Maldon's 16th continuous year Not as long as the mighty Fryers Town but we are catching up. 

This outdoor fair is held in the beautiful central Victorian village of "Maldon"

Our one day swaps are the perfect introduction to market style selling. Always held on a Sunday and like all our events, we run in all weathers. We take care of the insurance, you can set up on the Saturday (highly recommended) and stay overnight. We always hire a free shuttle bus to run you into Maldon for a meal and a drink if you wish. A Maldon Swap is as much about marketing experience as it is about the selling. We don't require bookings. As we say here, Just show up, Set up and, sell up. 

This the perfect way to clean out sheds, barns, deceased estates. Never have strangers walk over your property again...... Let them walk over ours instead  

Event Details….                                                       


Prince of Wales Showgrounds. Bendigo               


Saturday the 4th and Sunday the 5th of May 2024.   

Stall Size…..

6 by 4 metres (24sq.mts) remember you won’t be parking your cars on it.


$250 for both days, yes you can share with friends, or have multiple stalls. Tables and Partitions…

Will be available at reasonable prices from venue management                          


Maldon Events has almost 7,000 Face Book followers, and 2,800 Instagram followers.  We also have an active and up to date Website. We also advertise in local and regional papers to attract even more buyers.                    And finally, as usual, we will advertise till we become a nuisance

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