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Fryers Road

Antique Fair

Campbells Ck.


Ten by six metre sites, just $100, Prior booking and payment will be required,

We will take care of the insurance. Free camping is welcome at the venue,

We run, rain hail or shine. Plenty of food, plenty of room, plenty of fun. This a friendly supportive events that is not overly precious that extends the goods offered to include collectables as well as antiques. (we all had to start somewhere).



Ample public parking ON the venue (even with a trailer), no need to cart your bulky purchases through the streets back to your car, no need to park light years away from the Fair either

Come and enjoy the fun and the spectacle.  

Campbell's Ck. Rec Reserve, Fryers Rd Capmbells Creek.

Gates open to the public Saturday 8.00am

All Enquiries TEXT Mark on 0414 244 842


Maldon Events

Fryers Rd. Campbells Creek Collectables fair october 21 and 22 ring Mark on 0414 244 842 for details


10 BY 6 metre sites have gone up to $125, this is the first site fee increase in over ten years, we do,  appreciate your understanding of the situation.  

Maldon Antique Fair where it all began, way, way back in 2009, it seems like a life time ago now,    this Fair will be number 15, still a long way to go till we can  (if ever) eclipse the mighty FryersTown's record. The stall holders have endured storms, hail, 38+ heat waves, and last but not least Covid, and we never missed a single year. It is now booked out, solid, there is just is no more room left to expand. 

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